CL Nootjes & Automaten was founded in May 2005. Tarik Oruç started the company from his home. He got the inspiration for selling nuts by seeing catering establishments in various countries. There he came into contact with vending towers. these machines had a unique appearance and were still unknown in The Netherlands.

Tarik started by purchasing vending towers and placed them in various catering establishments and event halls. After taking The Netherlands by storm he went to the neighboring countries, Belgium and Germany.

As time passed, the company grew more and with every year we got more experienced and attained more knowledge. During these years we’ve build a large network that enables us to get all kinds of top quality nuts.

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Core values CL Nootjes & Automaten


We strive to always deliver and maintain top quality. We try to get the best products for the best prices every time. Thanks to our large network we are always sure of the best flavors and aromas.


We are always thinking along with our customers and always try to provide excellent service. Together with feedback from our clients and suppliers we strive to deliver the best nuts with the best service.


Hygiene is central to us from purchase to delivery. We have strict rules that keep our products protected from the outside world.